Element 8: Ship Radar Techniques

effective 6/25/2009

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Topic 8-A: RADAR Principles
8-A-01: Marine RADAR Systems
8-A-02: Distance and Time
8-A-03: Frequency and Wavelength
8-A-04: Power, Pulse Width, PRR
8-A-05: Range, Pulse Width, PRF
8-A-06: Pulse Width - Pulse Repetition Rates
8-A-07: Components-1
8-A-08: Components-2
8-A-09: Circuits-1
8-A-10: Circuits-2
Topic 8-B: Transmitting Systems
8-B-11: Transmitting Systems
8-B-12: Magnetrons
8-B-13: Modulation
8-B-14: Pulse Forming Networks Modulation
8-B-15: TR - ATR - Circulators - Directional Couplers-1
8-B-16: TR - ATR - Circulators - Directional Couplers-2
8-B-17: Timer - Trigger - Synchronizer Circuits
8-B-18: Power Supplies
Topic 8-C: Receiving Systems
8-C-19: Receiving Systems
8-C-20: Mixers
8-C-21: Local Oscillators
8-C-22: Amplifiers
8-C-23: Detectors - Video Amplifiers
8-C-24: Automatic Frequency Control - AFC
8-C-25: Sea Clutter - STC
8-C-26: Power Supplies
8-C-27: Interference Issues
8-C-28: Miscellaneous
Topic 8-D: Display & Control Systems
8-D-29: Displays
8-D-30: Video Amplifiers and Sweep Circuits
8-D-31: Timing Circuits
8-D-32: Fixed Range Markers
8-D-33: Variable Range Markers
8-D-34: EBL, Azimuth and True Bearing
8-D-35: Memory Systems
8-D-36: ARPA - CAS
8-D-37: Display System Power Supplies
8-D-38: Miscellaneous
Topic 8-E: Antenna Systems
8-E-39: Antenna Systems
8-E-40: Transmission Lines
8-E-41: Antenna to Display Interface
8-E-42: Waveguides-1
8-E-43: Waveguides-2
Topic 8-F: Installation, Maintenance & Repair
8-F-44: Equipment Faults-1
8-F-45: Equipment Faults-2
8-F-46: Equipment Faults-3
8-F-47: Equipment Faults-4
8-F-48: Maintenance
8-F-49: Installation
8-F-50: Safety