Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-47: VHF-DSC Calls: Distress, Urgency and Safety

7R-47G1: The quickest way to transmit a DSC Distress Alert is:

Press the “Distress Hot Key” as specified by the equipment manufacturer.

Select “Distress” priority from the menu and transmit an “all ships” call.

Transmit a “MAYDAY” call on Ch-16.

None of the above

7R-47G2: A DSC Urgency priority call is usually set up in the following manner:

They are sent to “all ships” or “all stations”.

They are sent to an individual coast station.

They are sent to an individual ship station.

None of the above

7R-47G3: A DSC Safety call is usually used under the following conditions:

Navigation Hazard

Man overboard

Distress situation

All of the above

7R-47G4: To send a Distress Alert use the following procedure:

Use the “Distress Hot Key” in an appropriate manner.

Initiate a menu call to select Ch-16 for voice communications.

Always insert the nature of the distress first.

None of the above

7R-47G5: DSC Urgency priority calls may be sent using the “Distress Hot Key” under the following circumstances:

Under NO circumstances.

If no additional information is required to be transmitted.

Only if the position information is correct.

None of the above

7R-47G6: A DSC Safety priority call would be used under the following circumstances:

A lifeboat has been lost over the side in heavy weather and is adrift.

A crew member is missing and presumed lost overboard.

There is a fire in the engine room.

None of the above

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