Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-42: EGC

7R-42F1: Over what system are Enhanced Group Calls transmitted?

Inmarsat satellite

COSPAS satellite

HF SITOR shore stations

NAVTEX shore stations

7R-42F2: What is the purpose of the dedicated EGC receiver for A-1 area GMDSS Vessels?

To insure receipt of MSI in areas without NAVTEX coverage.

To allow monitoring of the vessels location for AMVER tracking.

Simultaneous receipt and transmission of vessel SafetyNETTM messages.

To track which NAVAREA the vessel is currently in for receipt of MSI.

7R-42F3: Which of the following provides a unique automated system capable of addressing messages to pre-determined groups of ships or all vessels in both fixed and variable geographic areas?





7R-42F4: What system may be useful for messages, such as local storm warnings or a shore-to-ship Distress alert, for which it is inappropriate to alert all ships in the satellite coverage area?





7R-42F5: What services are available through Enhanced Group Calls?

Maritime Safety Information and messages to pre-defined groups of subscribers.

Maritime Safety Information and vessel traffic lists.

Hourly NOAA weather broadcasts from the NWS.

Coastal weather broadcasts.

7R-42F6: What messages originate from registered information providers anywhere in the world and are broadcast to the appropriate ocean region via a CES?

SafetyNET™ messages

AMVER broadcasts

Urgency messages

NAVTEX broadcasts

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