Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-39: NAVTEX-3: Message Format

7R-39F1: The NAVTEX message header contains the following?

A single letter (A-Z) indicates the NAVTEX transmitting station.

A two-digit number (01-99) indicates the NAVTEX message category.

Message numbers include a date/time group, along with the transmitting station's numerical ID.

None of these

7R-39F2: Which of the following message categories cannot be disabled by the GMDSS Radio Operator?

All of the above

Navigational warnings

Meteorological warnings

Search and Rescue information

7R-39F3: How are NAVTEX broadcasts transmitted?

Using FEC techniques.

NAVTEX is transmitted by commercial coast radio stations following their traffic lists.

NAVTEX is transmitted only when an Urgency or Distress broadcast is warranted.

No more often than every two hours and should immediately follow the radiotelephone silent periods.

7R-39F4: Which determines whether a NAVTEX receiver does not print a particular type of message content?

Both answers a) and b).

The serial number and type of message have already been received.

The subject indicator matches that programmed for rejection by the operator.

The transmitting station ID covering your area has not been programmed for rejection by the operator.

7R-39F5: Which information determines if a NAVTEX message is to be rejected?

Subject indicator (single letter from A to Z indicating the type of message).

Transmitter identity (numerals from 1 to 26 identifying transmitting station within the NAVAREA).

The Answerback of the receiving station has not been entered in the NAVTEX receiver.

Only messages having a serial number 00 are rejected.

7R-39F6: NAVTEX broadcasts are sent:

In categories of messages indicated by a single letter or identifier.

Immediately following traffic lists.

On request of maritime mobile stations.

Regularly, after the radiotelephone silent periods.

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