Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-27: SART: Activation & Survival Craft Operations

7R-27E1: What is the purpose of the SART's audible tone alarm?

It informs survivors that assistance may be nearby.

It informs survivors when the battery's charge condition has weakened.

It informs survivors when the SART switches to the "standby" mode.

It informs survivors that a nearby vessel is signaling on DSC.

7R-27E2: What indication is given to the personnel of survival craft of the approach of another vessel?

The SART will provide a visual or audible indication of interrogation by a 3-cm radar.

The Satellite EPIRB will emit an audible signal.

The VHF portable radio will emit an audible alarm signal on Ch-70.

The VHF portable will provide a visual indication.

7R-27E3: How can a SART's effective range be maximized?

The SART should be held as high as possible.

The SART should be placed in water immediately upon activation.

Switch the SART into the "high" power position.

If possible, the SART should be mounted horizontally so that its signal matches that of the searching radar signal.

7R-27E4: In a lifeboat or liferaft, what is a method of maximizing the effectiveness of an SART?

Hold or mount the unit as high as possible.

Place the SART into the sea as soon as possible to begin transmitting.

Extend the length of the transmitting antenna.

Replace the internal battery with the AC power adapter.

7R-27E5: At what point does a SART begin transmitting?

If it has been placed in the "on" position, it will respond when it has been interrogated by a 9-GHz radar signal.

It immediately begins radiating when placed in the "on" position.

It must be manually activated.

If it has been placed in the "on" position, it will begin transmitting immediately upon detecting that it is in water.

7R-27E6: What causes the SART to begin a transmission?

After being activated the SART responds to radar interrogation.

When activated manually, it begins radiating immediately.

It is either manually or water activated before radiating.

It begins radiating only when keyed by the operator.

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