Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-21: Distress Relays

7R-21D1: A DSC Distress Relay should always be made under the following circumstances:

None of the above

When the MMSI of the vessel in distress cannot be determined.

After there is an acknowledgement from a coast station.

Both of the above

7R-21D2: Your ship received a Distress relay on DSC VHF channel 70, on what channel would you reply?





7R-21D3: Under what conditions would you relay a DSC Distress alert?

Answers a) and b) are both possible.

If the mobile unit in Distress is incapable of further Distress Alert communications.

If no Coast Station/Mobile Unit acknowledgement is observed.

You should never relay such an alert -- the Coast Station & RCC will do that.

7R-21D4: The relay of DSC Distress Alerts:

All of the above

Has completely overburdened the GMDSS system with improperly formatted or inappropriately relayed DSC calls.

Was originally an intended function of the GMDSS system.

Is no longer the preferred method for passing Distress message traffic to an RCC or Coast Station.

7R-21D5: Transmission of a Distress alert by a station not in itself in Distress should occur:

In some cases, all of the preceding situations may justify a Distress Alert relay.

When the mobile unit actually in Distress is not itself in a position to transmit the Distress alert.

When the Master or responsible person on the mobile unit not in Distress so decides.

When the responsible person at the Coast Station determines further help is necessary.

7R-21D6: You are in voice communication on Ch-16 with a vessel in distress that advises you they are unable to contact a Coast Station. What action would you take?

Attempt to contact a Coast Station using voice on Ch-16. If no response initiate a DSC call to the nearest Coast Station.

Send a DSC Distress Relay transmission.

Make an all ships call with URGENCY priority.

None of the above

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