Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-18: Sending a Distress Alert

7R-18C1: A VHF-DSC “Distress Hot Key” Alert always transmits what information if connected to GPS?

Position, Time of position update, MMSI number programmed and Distress format specifier.

Distress designation and follow on communications channel.

A “Nature of Distress” category.

All of the above

7R-18C2: Which of the following statements is true regarding distress alerting under GMDSS?

The distress alert must identify the station in distress and its position and may additionally include information regarding the nature of the distress.

Ship to shore distress alerts are used to alert other ships in port of navigational hazards.

Ship-to-ship distress alerts are used to alert other ships in the vicinity of navigational hazards and bad weather.

The vessel nearest to the emergency must notify the Coast Guard before leaving the vicinity.

7R-18C3: If a GMDSS Radio Operator initiates a DSC Distress transmission but does not insert a message, what happens?

The transmission will be made with "default" information provided automatically.

The transmission is aborted and an alarm sounds to indicate this data must be provided by the operator.

The transmission is not initiated and "ERROR" is indicated on the display readout.

The receiving station will poll the DSC unit of the vessel in Distress to download the necessary information.

7R-18C4: Repetition of a DSC Distress call is normally automatic if not acknowledged after a delay of:

3.5 - 4.5 minutes

1 - 2 minutes

2 - 5 minutes

Not at all

7R-18C5: A VHF-DSC Distress alert call:

Both answers a) & c) are true

Will send the minimal information using the "Distress Button" or "Distress Hot Key".

Contains information on the vessel’s course and speed.

Will send a more detailed Distress format if time permits and operator data entries are correctly performed.

7R-18C6: A VHF-DSC Distress Alert will always be transmitted on what channel?





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