Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-12: Reserve Energy & Equipment Testing

7R-12B1: Under GMDSS, a compulsory VHF-DSC radiotelephone installation must be tested at what minimum intervals at sea?


Annually, by a representative of the FCC.

At the annual SOLAS inspection.


7R-12B2: What is the meaning of “Reserve Source of Energy”?

The supply of electrical energy sufficient to operate the radio installations for the purpose of conducting Distress and Safety communications in the event of failure of the ship's main and emergency sources of electrical power.

High caloric value items for lifeboat, per SOLAS regulations.

Diesel fuel stored for the purpose of operating the powered survival craft for a period equal to or exceeding the U.S.C.G. and SOLAS requirements.

None of these

7R-12B3: In the event of failure of the main and emergency sources of electrical power -- what is the term for the source required to supply the GMDSS console with power for conducting distress and other radio-communications?

Reserve source of energy

Emergency power

Ship's emergency diesel generator

Ship's standby generator

7R-12B4: What is the requirement for emergency and reserve power in GMDSS radio installations?

All newly constructed ships under GMDSS must have both emergency and reserve power sources for radio communications.

An emergency power source for radio communications is not required if a vessel has proper reserve power (batteries).

A reserve power source is not required for radio communications.

Only one of the above is required if a vessel is equipped with a second 406 EPIRB as a backup means of sending a Distress alert.

7R-12B5: While underway, how frequently is the DSC controller required to be tested?

Once a day

Once a week

Twice a week

Once a month

7R-12B6: At sea, all required equipment (other than Survival Craft Equipment) must be proven operational by?

By either a) or c)

Daily testing

Operational use of the equipment.

Testing at least every 48 hours.

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