Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-10: Maintenance

7R-10B1: Which of the following maintenance functions is not the responsibility of the GMDSS Radio Operator?

Aligning the power output stage for maximum power.

Visual inspection of equipment, including the antenna and associated components.

Perform on-the-air verification checks.

Perform scheduled testing of the battery's charged condition.

7R-10B2: When may a compulsory vessel not be allowed to leave port?

When the vessel has replaced a required piece of GMDSS-related equipment but its performance has not been verified or logged.

When the vessel is in an over-carriage condition.

When the vessel has arranged for both duplication of equipment AND shore-based maintenance.

When the vessel is carrying only two licensed GMDSS Radio Operators and is capable of performing all required functions.

7R-10B3: Which statement is false regarding the maintenance of GMDSS equipment at sea?

The GMDSS maintainer may not be the person designated to have primary responsibility for radio-communications during Distress incidents even if licensed as an operator.

Ships must carry at least one person who qualifies as a GMDSS maintainer for the maintenance and repair of equipment if the at-sea maintenance option is selected.

All at-sea maintenance and repairs must be performed by, or under the supervision of a person holding a GMDSS Maintainer license.

The GMDSS maintainer may be the person responsible for ensuring that the watches are properly maintained and that the proper guard channels and the vessel's position are entered into the DSC equipment.

7R-10B4: Which of the following service or maintenance functions may NOT be performed by the holder of a GMDSS Radio Operator License?

Any adjustments or maintenance that may affect the proper operation of the station.

Reset tripped circuit breakers or replace defective fuses.

Routine battery maintenance if used as part of the GMDSS station.

Replacement of consumable items such as paper, ribbons, etc.

7R-10B5: What are the conditions, under GMDSS, whereby a ship is NOT allowed to depart from any port?

The vessel is not capable of performing all required Distress and Safety functions.

The vessel is carrying more than the required number of qualified GMDSS radio operators.

The vessel has a temporary waiver of its radio license and Safety Certificate.

The vessel is not carrying a GMDSS radio maintainer, but has provided for shoreside maintenance plus duplication of equipment if required.

7R-10B6: What determines the spares and maintenance materials requirements for the VHF-DSC equipment under GMDSS?

The recommendations of the manufacturer.

47 CFR Part 80

IMO Circular "Equipment Spares".

The GMDSS Maintainer's requirements.

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