Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-04: Functional Requirements

7R-4A1: Which of the following is a functional or carriage requirement for compulsory vessels?

All of the above

A compulsory vessel must carry at least two (2) FCC licensed GMDSS Radio Operators.

A compulsory vessel must satisfy certain equipment carriage requirements that are determined by where the vessel sails.

A compulsory vessel must be able to transmit and respond to Distress alerts.

7R-4A2: Which communications functions must all vessels be capable of performing under GMDSS as defined by the International Maritime Organization?

Distress alerting to and from vessels, search and rescue coordination, on-scene communications, signals for locating, Maritime Safety Information, general and bridge-to-bridge communications.

Radio Direction Finding.

Communications in each of the operational ocean areas.

All communications possible within the International Safety-Net service.

7R-4A3: GMDSS-equipped ships will be required to perform which of the following communications functions?

All of these

Distress alerting and Maritime Safety Information.

Search and Rescue coordination and on-scene communications.

Bridge-to-bridge and general radio communications.

7R-4A4: What equipment can be used to receive Maritime Safety Information?

All of the above


EGC receiver


7R-4A5: Which of the following is a required GMDSS function?

Bridge-to-Bridge communications.

Reception of weather map facsimile broadcasts.

Both of the above

None of the above

7R-4A6: Which of the following is a required GMDSS function?

Both of the above

Transmit and receive locating signals.

Transmit and receive general communications.

None of the above

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