Element 7R: Restricted GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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7R-A-01: Fundamental Concepts

7R-1A1: What is the fundamental concept of the GMDSS?

It is intended to automate and improve emergency communications in the maritime industry.

It is intended to automate and improve existing digital selective calling procedures and techniques.

It is intended to provide more effective but lower cost commercial communications.

It is intended to provide compulsory vessels with a collision avoidance system when they are operating in waters that are also occupied by non-compulsory vessels.

7R-1A2: The primary purpose of the GMDSS is?

Automate and improve emergency communications for the world's shipping industry.

Allow more effective control of SAR situations by vessels.

Provide additional shipboard systems for more effective company communications.

Effective and inexpensive communications.

7R-1A3: What is the basic concept of GMDSS?

All of these

Search and rescue authorities ashore can be alerted to a Distress situation.

Shipping in the immediate vicinity of a ship in Distress will be rapidly alerted.

Shoreside authorities and vessels can assist in a coordinated SAR operation with minimum delay.

7R-1A4: GMDSS is primarily a system based on?

The linking of search and rescue authorities ashore with shipping in the immediate vicinity of a ship in Distress or in need of assistance.

Ship-to-ship Distress communications using MF or HF radiotelephony.

VHF digital selective calling from ship to shore.

Distress, Urgency and safety communications carried out by the use of narrow-band direct printing telegraphy.

7R-1A5: What is the responsibility of vessels under GMDSS?

Every ship is able to perform those communications functions that are essential for the safety of the ship itself and of other ships.

Vessels over 300 gross tons may be required to render assistance if such assistance does not adversely affect their port schedule.

Only that vessel, regardless of size, closest to a vessel in Distress, is required to render assistance.

Vessels operating under GMDSS, outside of areas effectively serviced by shoreside authorities, operating in sea areas A2, and A4 may be required to render assistance in Distress situations.

7R-1A6: GMDSS is required for which of the following?

SOLAS Convention ships of 300 gross tonnage or more.

All vessels capable of international voyages.

Vessels operating outside of the range of VHF coastal radio stations.

Coastal vessels of less than 300 gross tons.

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