Element 7: GMDSS Radio Operating Practices

effective 8/01/2006

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Topic 7-A: All questions
7-A-001: Fundamental Concepts
7-A-002: Equipment Systems
7-A-003: Sea Areas
7-A-004: Functional Requirements
7-A-005: Equipment Carriage Requirements
7-A-006: Maintenance Options
7-A-007: Radio Spectrum
7-A-008: Frequency Bands
7-A-009: Modulation-Demodulation, AM & FM
7-A-010: Carrier & Sidebands
7-A-011: Channel Spacing
7-A-012: Antennas
7-A-013: Inspections & Exemptions
7-A-014: Required Documents & Publications
7-A-015: Maintenance
7-A-016: License & Personnel Requirements
7-A-017: Reserve Source of Energy
7-A-018: Equipment Testing
7-A-019: Watchkeeping
7-A-020: Logkeeping
7-A-021: Call Signs & SELCALLS
7-A-022: MMSI: Mid & Ship Station I.D. Numbers
7-A-023: MMSI: Group & Coast Station I.D. Numbers
7-A-024: INMARSAT Mobile Numbers for B Terminals
7-A-025: INMARSAT Mobile Numbers for C Terminals
7-A-026: DSC Format & Info Sent
7-A-027: DSC Operations
7-A-028: DSC Frequencies
7-A-029: Sending a Distress Alert
7-A-030: Follow-on Voice Transmission
7-A-031: Response to a Distress Alert
7-A-032: Distress Relays
7-A-033: Action to take after sending a false distress alert
7-A-034: Radio silence & resumption of normal traffic
7-A-035: Urgency Traffic
7-A-036: Safety Traffic
7-A-037: Frequencies
7-A-038: Other Procedures
7-A-039: SART: Activation & Survival Craft Operations
7-A-040: SART: SAR Procedures & RADAR Presentation
7-A-041: SART: Frequency & Operations
7-A-042: SART: Testing Procedures & Battery Parameters
7-A-043: EPIRB: System Structure & Operation
7-A-044: EPIRB: Alerting & Features
7-A-045: EPIRB: Homing & Locating Signals
7-A-046: Survival Craft Transceiver
7-A-047: SAR/MCC/RCC: Systems & Procedures
7-A-048: On-scene Communications
7-A-049: VHF: Controls, Volume, Squelch, Power, Range
7-A-050: VHF: Channel System, Usage, & U.S.-International Channels
7-A-051: NAVTEX-1: Operations
7-A-052: NAVTEX-2: Programming
7-A-053: NAVTEX-3: Message Format
7-A-054: SAFETYNET™-1: Operations
7-A-055: SAFETYNET™-2: Information
7-A-056: EGC
7-A-057: HF MSI
7-A-059: INMARSAT-C Power up, Self-test, Controls and Indicator Lamps
7-A-060: Selecting an INMARSAT Ocean Region
7-A-061: INMARSAT: Log-in & Log-out
7-A-062: INMARSAT: General System Operations
7-A-063: INMARSAT: General System Operations
7-A-064: INMARSAT-B Equipment and Operations
7-A-065: INMARSAT-C Equipment and Operations
7-A-066: INMARSAT-C Equipment and Operations
7-A-067: Compare & Differentiate "B" & "C" Terminals
7-A-068: Selecting C.E.S. & C.E.S. ID #
7-A-069: INMARSAT-B: Addressing, Dialing Sequence & Voice
7-A-070: INMARSAT-B Addressing/Dialing Sequence TELEX
7-A-071: Two-igit Operating Codes
7-A-072: INMARSAT-C: Addressing to Ship TELEX
7-A-073: INMARSAT-C: Addressing to a Land TELEX terminal
7-A-074: INMARSAT-C: Addressing to a Shore (or Ship) FAX Terminal
7-A-075: INMARSAT Distress Communications
7-A-076: EGC
7-A-077: INMARSAT Equipment Faults and Maintenance-1
7-A-078: INMARSAT Equipment Faults and Maintenance-2
7-A-079: MF-HF: Controls: Volume, Squelch, Power, Frequency & Mode
7-A-080: MF-HF: Frequencies: Simplex, Duplex & Half-duplex
7-A-081: MF-HF: ITU Channels
7-A-082: MF-HF: Voice & TELEX Channel Separation
7-A-083: MF-HF: Modulation, Bandwidth & Emissions
7-A-084: MF-HF: Voice Operations: Calling a Coast Station
7-A-085: MF-HF: DSC Controller Call Programming
7-A-086: MF-HF: SITOR-NBDP #1: Definitions
7-A-087: MF-HF: SITOR-NBDP #2: Technical Characteristics
7-A-088: MF-HF: ARQ Operation #1: Calling a Coast Ctation
7-A-089: MF-HF: ARQ Operation #2: Answerbacks
7-A-090: MF-HF: ARQ Operation #3: Operating Codes & Procedures
7-A-091: MF-HF: ARQ Operation #4: Operating Codes & Procedures
7-A-092: MF-HF: ARQ Operation #5: Technical Characteristics
7-A-093: MF-HF: addressing modes: DIRTLX, Store-Forward, etc
7-A-094: MF-HF: FEC Operation #1
7-A-095: MF-HF: FEC Operation #2
7-A-096: MF-HF: Propagation #1: Daytime, Nighttime, Winter & Summer
7-A-097: MF-HF: Propagation #2: Daytime, Nighttime, Winter & Summer
7-A-098: MF-HF: DSC Controller Alert/Call Response
7-A-099: Batteries
7-A-100: MF-HF: Equipment Faults & Testing