Element 3: General Radiotelephone

effective 6/25/2009

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Topic 3-A: Principles
3-A-001: Electrical Elements
3-A-002: Magnetism
3-A-003: Materials
3-A-004: Resistance, Capacitance & Inductance
3-A-005: Semi-conductors
3-A-006: Electrical Measurements
3-A-007: Waveforms
3-A-008: Conduction
Topic 3-B: Electrical Math
3-B-009: Ohm's Law-1
3-B-010: Ohm's Law-2
3-B-011: Frequency
3-B-012: Waveforms
3-B-013: Power Relationships
3-B-014: RC Time Constants-1
3-B-015: RC Time Constants-2
3-B-016: Impedance Networks-1
3-B-017: Impedance Networks-2
3-B-018: Calculations
Topic 3-C: Components
3-C-019: Photoconductive Devices
3-C-020: Capacitors
3-C-021: Transformers
3-C-022: Voltage Regulators, Zener Diodes
3-C-023: SCRs, Triacs
3-C-024: Diodes
3-C-025: Transistors-1
3-C-026: Transistors-2
3-C-027: Light Emitting Diodes
3-C-028: Devices
Topic 3-D: Circuits
3-D-029: R-L-C Circuits
3-D-030: Op Amps
3-D-031: Phase Locked Loops (PLLs); Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs); Mixers
3-D-032: Schematics
Topic 3-E: Digital Logic
3-E-033: Types of Logic
3-E-034: Logic Gates
3-E-035: Logic Levels
3-E-036: Flip-Flops
3-E-037: Multivibrators
3-E-038: Memory
3-E-039: Microprocessors
3-E-040: Counters, Dividers, Converters
Topic 3-F: Receivers
3-F-041: Receiver Theory
3-F-042: RF Amplifiers
3-F-043: Oscillators
3-F-044: Mixers
3-F-045: IF Amplifiers
3-F-046: Filters and IF Amplifiers
3-F-047: Filters
3-F-048: Detectors
3-F-049: Audio & Squelch Circuits
3-F-050: Receiver Performance
Topic 3-G: Transmitters
3-G-051: Amplifiers-1
3-G-052: Amplifiers-2
3-G-053: Oscillators & Modulators
3-G-054: Resonance - Tuning Networks
3-G-055: SSB Transmitters
3-G-056: Technology
Topic 3-H: Modulation
3-H-057: Frequency Modulation
3-H-058: SSB Modulation
3-H-059: Pulse Modulation
Topic 3-I: Power Sources
3-I-060: Batteries-1
3-I-061: Batteries-2
3-I-062: Motors & Generators
Topic 3-J: Antennas
3-J-063: Antenna Theory
3-J-064: Voltage, Current and Power Relationships
3-J-065: Frequency and Bandwidth
3-J-066: Transmission Lines
3-J-067: Effective Radiated Power
Topic 3-K: Aircraft
3-K-068: Distance Measuring Equipment
3-K-069: VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR)
3-K-070: Instrument Landing System (ILS)
3-K-071: Automatic Direction Finding Equipment (ADF) & Transponders
3-K-072: Aircraft Antenna Systems and Frequencies
3-K-073: Equipment Functions
Topic 3-L: Installation, Maintenance & Repair
3-L-074: Indicating Meters
3-L-075: Test Equipment
3-L-076: Oscilloscopes
3-L-077: Specialized Instruments
3-L-078: Measurement Procedures
3-L-079: Repair Procedures
3-L-080: Installation Codes & Procedures
3-L-081: Troubleshooting
Topic 3-M: Communications Technology
3-M-082: Types of Transmissions
3-M-083: Coding and Multiplexing
3-M-084: Signal Processing, Software and Codes
Topic 3-N: Marine
3-N-085: VHF
3-N-087: Survival Craft Equipment: VHF, SARTs & EPIRBs
3-N-088: FAX, NAVTEX
3-N-089: NMEA Data
Topic 3-O: RADAR
3-O-090: RADAR Theory
3-O-091: Components
3-O-092: Range, Pulse Width & Repetition Rate
3-O-093: Antennas & Waveguides
3-O-094: RADAR Equipment
Topic 3-P: Satellite
3-P-095: Low Earth Orbit Systems
3-P-096: INMARSAT Communications Systems-1
3-P-097: INMARSAT Communications Systems-2
3-P-098: GPS
Topic 3-Q: Safety
3-Q-099: Radiation Exposure
3-Q-100: Safety Steps