Element 1: Basic Radio Law and Operating Practice

effective 6/25/2009

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Topic 1-A: Rules & Regulations
1-A-01: Equipment Requirements
1-A-02: License Requirements
1-A-03: Watchkeeping
1-A-04: Logkeeping
1-A-05: Log Entries
1-A-06: Miscellaneous Rules & Regulations
Topic 1-B: Communications Procedures
1-B-07: Bridge-to-Bridge Operations
1-B-08: Operating Procedures-1
1-B-09: Operating Procedures-2
1-B-10: Distress Communications
1-B-11: Urgency and Safety Communications
1-B-12: GMDSS
Topic 1-C: Equipment Operations
1-C-13: VHF Equipment Controls
1-C-14: VHF Channel Selection
1-C-15: MF-HF Equipment Controls
1-C-16: MF-HF Frequency & Emission Selection
1-C-17: Equipment Tests
1-C-18: Equipment Faults
Topic 1-D: Other Equipment
1-D-19: Antennas
1-D-20: Power Sources
1-D-21: EPIRBs
1-D-22: SARTs
1-D-23: Survival Craft VHF
1-D-24: NAVTEX